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 Number of patients cured so far: 262,874
Our Vision & Goals

Having footprints in the Homeopathy, Acupressure and colour therapy field of treatment, the trust now looks to further include offering a wider range of therapeutic, wellness & lifestyle remedies to help the people lead a better and healthy life in the longer run.

"To promote Ayurved and Unani in the days to come along with teaching yoga to enable people lead healthier lives.

To facilitate the provision of better education, and knowledge upgradation of the students in the village by organising Motivational lectures, Moral education classes etc., from eminent speakers to enable them to compete with their urban counter-parts.

To make the rural youth employable by promoting skill development and vocation in the areas that require it, through setting up of skill development institutions.

To give special care and attention to female students in the field of skill development and training to make them self-dependent.

To promote sports for the children as well as adults, and ensuring that physical fitness activities become a part of their everyday lifestyle.

Our Initiatives

These are just few of the initiatives of the trust. It continues to support and help the public at large, in any way it can without seeking any recognition, publicity or name for itself.

Medical Care

The Trust opened a Homeopathy Clinic in the name of “Smt Champa Devi Dugar Homeo Aushadhalaya” in the home village of Sri Pabudan Dugar i.e. Udasar, Bikaner, Rajasthan in June 1993. This clinic offers Free doctor consultation and medicine to all its patients and is running effectively till date. It has helped countless people and has now become pretty popular in the area. It is run under the able guidance of.. .

Drinking Water

Trust initiated and set-up water coolers at 2 locations in Kolkata and.. .

"Beti Padao"

Trust has been donating generously to the Bansberia..

Eye Operation Camp

Trust has facilitated the conduct of 2500 Free eye.. .

Medical Donations

Trust has donated medicine to critical patients particularly.. .

Donations for National Causes

Trust has actively donated to various national causes including the Kargil War.. .

Blood Bank

has significantly contributed in the set-up of a premier blood bank for.. .

Pabudan Heritage Inn

A Service for Local Villagers and Townsman providing them space for social gathering and events in their Families with Proper Well Maintained Accomodation and Marriage Hall with Solar Geysers for undertaking Affordable marriages for their Childrens", first of its kind venture in Udasar for natives, at very very minimal cost.

Our Impacts

Dugar Charitable Trust works in the field of Child Development, Welfare of Persons with disability, Youth Empowerment, Education, Healthcare, Rural and Community development.


This was a great relief for the people, as desert lands and bad or no rains were a common phenomenon in the area. This well helped a lot of people to survive, as the water was always scarce in the area.


Sri Pabudan Dugar understood the importance of education in life. Therefore, he was instrumental in helping the local girls’ school upgrade to offering education to girls up to Class 8 from the earlier Class 5.

Better Care and Better World

Sri Pabudan ji boldly opposed child marriage and supported widow re-marriage. He never allowed the practice of untouchability to influence him in his life or his decisions in any way.


Trust has donated medicine to critical patients particularly those who have undergone kidney transplant, and cannot afford necessary post-op medical care and medicine.

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Recent Projects

Accupressure camp

The trust organised a free Acupressure and colour therapy consultation and treatment camp from 27.12.2018 to 28.12.2018 at Udasar, Bikaner. This again was free of cost for all patients visiting the camp. The doctors and experts had been specially called for this camp. We are also proud to state that, it was very much welcomed by the locals. 100 patients were treated on 27.12.2018 and 97 on 28.12.2018. This only strengthens our resolve to take our cause further with more vigour and enthusiasm, therefore, management is planning to arrange this camp every year, but the final decision about the same is yet to be made.