Governing Council

Official Formation of the Trust

Inspired by his father’s actions, and teachings, Sri Shanti Lal Dugar made headway in the same direction and officially formed a Trust on 25.08.1991, in order to continue the good work done by his father and carry on his legacy.

Governing Body

Sri Shanti Lal Dugar
F.C.A , S/o Late Pabudan Dugar

Founder Member & Trustee

He was associated with Lions Club International.

He is associated with Research Centre for Eastern and North Eastern Regional Studies (CENERS – K) and a Prominent “Thinktank” approved by Niti Aayog.

Associated with Ram Krishna Mission, WB and is a bonafide Donor.

Also associated with various social organizations.

Smt. Sanju Dugar
W/o Sri Shanti Lal Dugar

Founder Member & Trustee

Mrs. Karuna A Singh