About Us

Dugar Charitable Trust

The 90s was an era in the Indian History which marked having unsettlingly high number of people facing poverty, starvation and illiteracy in our country. Therefore, Dugars Charitable Trust (DCT) was formed on 25th Day of August, 1991, by Sri Pabudan Dugar, Sri Shanti Lal Dugar & Smt Sanju Dugar to help the public at large and address this problem in whatever way they can.

Sri Pabudan Dugar was a follower of Jainism through his mind, body & soul. In 1970-72 when he was listening to the then Acharya, Acharya Sri Tulsi, on the concept of "Visarjan" he was deeply influenced by the teachings of the Acharya. It was this influence that brought the need of philanthropy in the forefront of his personality and made it his way of life.

"Visarjan" as a concept was very simple. It was the exact opposite of "Sarjan" which means to accumulate. Therefore, "Visarjan" was nothing but to give away. But the way Acharya brought this simple concept into light with relevance to the betterment of society was inertly inspiring. He only said, Visarjan, means to give back to the society, and that everyone should practice this in their lives.

This touched a chord in Sri Pabudan´s mind, and he made it a point to practice Visarjan in his life from then on, till his last day. He also imparted the same teachings to his children, and this developed as a culture in his family.

Work done before the formation of the Trust by Sri Pabudan Dugar

"Sri Pabudan Dugar came from humble backgrounds, and therefore, he understood the need and requirement of people. This is why; he was instrumental in bringing a public well for the people of his village of Udasar, in the District of Bikaner, Rajasthan. This was a great relief for the people, as desert lands and bad or no rains were a common phenomenon in the area. This well helped a lot of people to survive, as the water was always scarce in the area.

Even though, he had not attended any school, but Sri Pabudan Dugar understood the importance of education in life. Therefore, he was instrumental in helping the local girls´ school upgrade to offering education to girls up to Class 8 from the earlier Class 5. This action was welcomed by the then Govt. as well. He was greatly admired by the locals.

Sri Pabudan ji had always been an active member of the society, and had always helped the needy in whichever way he could. In a society overrun by superstitious beliefs and impractical life choices, Sri Pabudan ji chose to stand behind reason and practicality. He boldly opposed child marriage and supported widow re-marriage. He never allowed the practice of untouchability to influence him in his life or his decisions in any way. These 3 were one of the largest social evils practiced in the Indian rural society at the time.

Unbothered by the criticism from the same society he was such an active part of, he imparted these teachings to his children, and till date we pride ourselves to having stood against the social evils when it was most required.

Sri Pabudan ji was a humble man, he did all that he could without seeking appreciation, name or publicity for his deeds. He did what he did, just because he felt it was his duty to do so, to give back to society. He led a disciplined life with honour, integrity and spiritual satisfaction till he drew his last breath on 29th April, 2007.